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Frannie Fran Clark
Apr 22, 2021
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I will start. I am going to my pain doctor tomorrow. I am in my 8th year with mbc. I hate the pain scales. How do we give our pain a number? I used to be a nurse. I still am, but I pay them now. I am in year 8 of mbc. I am going to ask for stronger pain meds tomorrow. The brain MRI I had done says my head pain isnt from cancer! I am still waiting to see a neurologist. But I think I messed up my sphenoid sinus last summer when my BP went high because my left renal artery almost occluded itself. The sphenoid sinus is the one in middle of head. I thought my head was exploding last July when my BP went high. I have a good pain doctor...I hope. I have been shamed by doctors because I wanted my pain treated. As a nurse and apatient I did not appreciate that. When I dropped out of bedside nursing....pain was the 5th vital sign. what the blank happened?
Frannie Fran Clark
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