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Laura McKail

Laura’s passion for wellness while living with MBC led her to Project Life.   She became a member, participated in many of the services and offerings of Project Life and then expressed interest in helping out as a volunteer.   She has now joined the Project Life team as a volunteer Executive Assistant where she leverages her organizational and project management skills to support our CEO.  

My Story

Laura is in the process of moving to her “happy place” in Virginia Beach, VA from Connecticut where she has spent the past 35 years (except for a few short stints in Boston, MA and in New York).  She is a beach girl who loves watching the sunset, boating, photography, scrapbooking, spending time walking outdoors or indoors at the gym, and smoothies. She is married and she and her husband are the proud parents of two cats - Magic and Pumpkin.  


When Laura was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic breast cancer (MBC) in May 2020, she was determined to outlive the statistics and instead focus on self-care while inspiring others to live their best life now.   Approximately two years after her diagnosis, Laura went out on disability from her busy and demanding corporate job as leader in the Human Resources function where she focused on running Talent Management and Talent Development programs.   She founded a Facebook group called “Active with MBC” as a place where those with Metastatic Breast Cancer who continue to stay active can connect and support each other.   Laura has always been focused on wellness and believes that this, along with a positive attitude, play an important role in living with MBC.  Her mantra is “Live - Laugh - Love” which is evident in everything she does. 


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