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Updated: Apr 22, 2023


We feel it

Good or bad

No in between

We need it but don’t have enough

I’d pay $4.99 a gallon just to be able to move some days

I’ll cut you off if the energy isn’t feeling right

Have you ever been somewhere or around someone and you instantly feel the energy is off?

Yes, that’s instinct but also a form of energetic vibration

The body is equipped with this internal alarm system

Pay attention

The more you use it, the more it vibrates to your benefit

Pay attention

Energy never lies.


Some days I barely have enough energy to walk

Is this what near death feels like?

How much caffeine can flow through my body to force myself to shower (or care to)?

I lay and stare at the walls in silence

Thinking of all that I’d do - if I had the energy





I think about hiking a scenic trail with aromatic flowers

Painting a masterpiece

Taking my son to Disneyland

Cooking a yummy meal

Going on a date

Taking a phone call

Reading a good book

Brushing my hair

Cleaning the house

Shaving my legs (from the knee up)

Oh those were the days - over the knee shaves!

This pill

That pill

More sleep

No sleep

Encouraging words

Exhaustion sets in just discussing it

“Just get up!” they say

“Just go away!” I say

Maybe gas prices will go down next week

Until then, I’ll take a nap.

Dana J. Georges

Project Life

Therapeutic Art Facilitator

Director of Caregiver Services

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